Glass Balustrades
made simple

For uninterrupted external and internal views, the glass balustrade is completely unique in that it is designed to be both seen and seen through.

Bespoke Internal and External Glass Balustrade Design, Manufacturing and Installation

Made up of large glass panels secured by stainless steel fixings and vertical posts, the glass balustrade can frame all kinds of edges, whether featuring one or multiple sides and even curved edges.

Arc Metal’s glass balustrades are always fabricated to the latest industry regulations and specifications, meaning safety is our priority when handling glass balustrades. We offer toughened and laminated glass to ensure your balustrade is durable against impact. Our specialist team can advise on the best type of glass to use for your application, whether this be in a residential, commercial, indoor, or outdoor environment.

Pair your glass balustrade with a selection of handrail and fixing options, or leave it completely frameless for a truly transparent effect. No matter the design you choose, the glass balustrade remains one of the most contemporary and clean looks you can achieve.

With decades of experience, the Arc Metal team are happy to take on all project sizes, meaning we can produce glass balustrades of all lengths and heights.

    We Produce a Wide-Variety of Glass Balustrade Designs

    Arc Metal’s balustrade designs are custom built to your requirements. With our glass balustrades, you have a choice of several glass infill options and handrail and fixing materials. This ensures our customers can bring their unique visions to life.

    Our team is on hand to help you through the design process, and can talk you through the best material choices for your project.


    Arc Metal’s glass balustrades are available in clear glass panels as standard. This is a completely transparent glass which allows for an uninterrupted view, perfect for outdoor residential environments, retail and office spaces, allowing the light through to brighten up your interior spaces. Depending on the type of project and requirements our glass is available in varying thicknesses.

    Tinted Glass Balustrades

    For those looking for enhanced privacy and something unique, Arc Metal provides tinted glass options in grey, bronze and antiqued mirror providing a distressed look and feel. Tinted glass truly makes your balustrade standout.

    Frameless Glass Balustrades

    Frameless Glass Balustrades are a popular choice for their contemporary appeal. Arc Metal offers customisable options to suit individual style. The sleek design creates openness and spaciousness with no visible frames. Glass panels can be clear, frosted, or textured for added interest. Suitable for residential or commercial projects, Frameless Glass Balustrades provide a modern and sophisticated solution.


    Privacy Glass Balustrades

    For complete privacy, our privacy panels are available frosted as standard.

    Arc Metal can also provide tinted frosted panels to make your balustrade really unique. Our tinted frosted privacy glass is available in grey and bronze. Our frosted glass panels allow for more privacy by slightly distorting the view through, with satin and opaque options in various tints available.


    If you decide to pair your glass balustrade with a handrail, we offer steel, stainless steel or aluminium handrails.

    Our handrails are suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Arc Metal provides many different handrail designs and finishing options to perfectly compliment your balustrade or stairs.

    Aluminium handrails are great in outdoor environments, where they require less maintenance and have increased corrosion against the elements.