Bespoke Glass Juliet Balcony
made simple

Glass Juliet Balconies enhance architectural designs with their sleek elegance and practicality. Their modern appeal offers uninterrupted views, ensuring the beauty of your surroundings is always visible. Crafted with precision, our balconies seamlessly blend visibility and style.

Bespoke Glass Juliet Balconies

The glass Juliet balcony provides a stylish guard for your first and upper-storey openings.

For a minimalist yet striking design that pairs well with all home and property styles, the glass Juliet is a versatile solution to edge protection and safety in your space.

Unlike our steel Juliets, the glass Juliet consists of a solid glass panel which acts as a wind buffer. Meaning, that when you open large windows and French doors in your property, you can find the perfect balance of fresh air and protection from the elements.

The solid glass panel also offers complete transparency for uninterrupted views and plenty of natural lighting, opening up spaces and achieving crucial edge protection without drastically changing the face of your property.

Open up your environment with Arc Metal Design’s glass Juliets, and take full advantage of maximising outdoor access in your residential or commercial property.

    A Trusted Manufacture and Installation Process

    Arc Metal Design provides a full turnkey solution; this means we undertake the design, manufacture and installation of your glass Juliet, managing your project from start to finish so that all elements within this process are taken care of.

    When designing your glass Juliet, we ensure the most suitable glass material is chosen for complete safety. Toughened and laminated glass is available and carefully selected based on a safe and long-lasting performance that is in line with industry regulations.

    Our glass panels are also available in transparent, tinted, and frosted designs, helping you to achieve the look and natural light and privacy levels you desire.

    You can pair your glass Juliet with a steel or stainless steel handrail, or alternatively, you may choose to leave it frameless for a minimalistic effect.

    Once the design stage is complete, we then begin manufacturing and installation processes, based upon calculated specifications as obtained from site measurements by our team


    With Arc Metal, It’s Never Been Easier…

    Custom doesn’t have to mean complex; we aim to simplify the process of ordering and creating your custom balcony so that our customers receive a service and a product that they’re totally satisfied with.

    Our years of experience in the industry ensure we can do this, guiding you through the process with clear communication and expert advice.

    Whether you have a vision in mind or require a little inspiration, the team at Arc Metal Design can help you through the process to achieve your dream Juliet.

    Make it Your Way, Today

    Talk to Arc Metal Today about the process of bringing to life your perfect glass Juliet balcony.

    From design and manufacture to installation and ongoing support, Arc Metal Design offers a full service for customers across the UK.