Juliet Balconies
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The Juliet balcony finds its roots in a romantic and timeless piece of architecture.

Bespoke Juliet Balcony Design to Installation - All in One Place

Aptly named after the balcony from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the Juliet balcony continues to frame upper storey windows with a modern twist in the 21st century.

Arc Metal Design can design and fabricate a range of Juliet balconies to suit all styles, from stainless steel to glass structures. The Juliet balcony is designed to provide a stylish guard for upper storey openings, which allows for natural sunlight and air to enter the room without extending outwards. This balcony design is perfect for framing French doors and large windows.

We specialise in fabricating custom pieces of architectural metalwork, aided by decades of experience and numerous industry connections, enabling us to fulfil all customer requirements and requests.

Our levels of customisation mean you can design your bespoke Juliet balcony to your taste, with the ability to custom size, shape, material and finishing options. The Arc Metal team can help advise you during this, with a dedicated design team on hand to ensure your product meets your requirements and is compliant with all building regulation and safety standards.

We can provide this for all sized projects across the commercial and residential sectors. We can work with all wall surfaces, including cladding, brick, and uneven and rough surfaces. Our expert team will guide you through the process, ensuring our customers remain up-to-date and informed of their project.

    Experience Customised Elegance With our Juliet Balcony Railings

    Arc Metal Design not only specialises in bespoke Juliet balcony railings but also excels in their installation, offering a variety of styles from sleek stainless steel and clear glass to classic vertical bar designs. Our railings are perfect for enhancing upper-level openings, ideal for French doors and large windows, and blend safety with aesthetic appeal.

    As experts in custom architectural metalwork, we cater to a wide range of tastes, ensuring each railing we design and install reflects your unique style. Our selection includes various types, from vertical bars to other railing styles, all meticulously crafted to meet building regulations and safety standards.

    We serve both commercial and residential sectors, adept at handling various wall surfaces for a seamless installation. Our client-focused approach ensures transparency and involvement throughout the entire process, from design to installation, we guarantee your  satisfaction in every project.

    Juliet Balcony Designs

    Our Juliet balconies are completely customisable, with the below offering a selection of the materials and styles Arc Metal Design can offer whilst creating your unique balcony. If you don’t see a style you like but have a design in mind, we can support you in bringing your design inspiration to life. Get in touch and we can build a bespoke Juliet balcony just for you!

    Glass Juliet Balcony

    The glass Juliet balcony provides a contemporary feel to your property, without taking away from any existing architecture. Our glass balconies further offer a buffer from the wind, whilst allowing the sunlight to flow through.

    We always fabricate to the industry standards and regulations, with our glass Juliet balconies offering total safety and security with the glass type being chosen by our design team on an individual project basis.

    Steel Juliet Balcony

    The classic steel Juliet balcony offers a striking look to your building, whilst providing strength and a security barrier. Vertical railings enable the fresh air to flow through, without compromising safety. Our steel Juliet balconies are available in steel, alongside numerous finishes to ensure we achieve the look you are after.

    Stainless Steel and Glass Juliet Balcony

    The stainless steel and glass Juliet balcony brings together the best of our two most popular materials. Stainless steel rails and fixings complement the glass infill for a modern and sleek feel to frame upper-storey windows and openings.

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