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Bespoke Staircase Design to Installation

Made to measure and designed your way. Arc Metal Design’s bespoke staircase service delivers your perfect staircase every time. 

Choose from our range of materials below and speak with our expert team to see how we begin the process of crafting bespoke staircases.

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We Produce a Wide-Variety of Bespoke Staircase Designs

Discover the Best Bespoke Staircases with Arc Metal Design

We understand any concerns that you may have surrounding bespoke staircases; the longevity and complexity of the process and your satisfaction with the result being a few.

Arc Metal Design offers a service that alleviates these concerns – our service is centred entirely around making architectural steelwork simple and accessible for all of our customers. We specialise in bespoke structures, meaning we can provide an exceptional level of experienced service when undertaking this.

Our bespoke staircases are utilised in both indoor and outdoor environments, including residential homes and commercial and industrial properties. They can be manufactured from both steel and glass, in a range of styles from contemporary to classic.

Arc Metal Design are with you throughout the entire process. From initial consultations, where we determine your needs, to final installation, you can rely on our team for clear communication and support.

Our designs are made around the specifications of your environment, meaning installation is straightforward and time-effective and results in a final product that satisfies all customer requirements.

Material-Centric Staircase Designs

Our bespoke staircases utilise quality materials for a durable and attractive structure. They can be constructed using steel and glass materials for a range of styles and designs.

Take a look through our materials below.

Elegant Glass Staircases

Glass staircases feature glass balustrading which can increase natural and artificial light within a room, helping to create an open and airy space.

Arc Metal Design fabricates these modern and ultra-fashionable staircases from steel frames and toughened and laminated glass panels. The specifications of glass panels are determined by our team, for compliance with the latest safety and quality regulations.

Durable Steel Staircases

Alternatively, Arc Metal Design can manufacture steel staircases. Steel staircases are incredibly durable and are suitable for the high foot traffic of public spaces as well as private outdoor environments.

Our steel staircases can take on a range of appearances – with many finishing options and styles to choose from. Our finishing options, including galvanised powder coating, ensure your steel staircase is available in a variety of colours.

Innovative Combination Designs

The bespoke nature of our service means that we can combine and use materials as required by your designs.

Talk to Arc Metal Design team member today to see how we can design around your preferences.

Creating Your Bespoke Staircase

Arc Metal Design can guide you through the steps in creating your bespoke staircase.

1. Consultation

Arc Metal Design provides a consultation and site survey as our first steps to provide you with a design that meets your needs.

2. Design

Following consultation, we can create a design using computer-aided design (CAD) technology that meets project calculations. We offer a full design service, meaning we undertake all design aspects.

3. Material Selection

As part of the design process, we collaborate with you to determine the right material and finishing options if required for your staircase.

4. Fabrication

Arc Metal Design provides in-house fabrication of your staircase, utilising a local supply chain to reduce our environmental impact.

5. Installation

Our experienced fitting team can then install your finished staircase.

Your Bespoke Staircase, Today

Enquire about your bespoke staircase design today and get the process started by contacting Arc Metal Design.

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