Bespoke Balustrade Infills
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Arc Metal Design is a leading manufacturer of premium balustrade infills for various spaces. Our steel mesh infill panels combine security with elegance, while our vertical bars are designed for durability and a modern look. Our glass infill panels provide clear views, ideal for any architectural project. We're committed to delivering exceptional products that meet the highest quality and design standards

Bespoke Balustrade Infills for Unique Architectural Designs

Meet design specifications, architectural visions, and industry regulations with our range of balustrade infills.

Arc Metal Design’s choice of balustrade infills are designed to meet your needs. Suitable for all types of environments across the residential and commercial sectors, Arc Metal Design specialises in bespoke architectural creations. As a part of this, we work with you to determine the best infill material and design for your balustrade.

Your infill plays an essential part of the performance and safety of your balustrade system, as well as meeting design preferences. So, it’s important to ensure the manufacture of your structure is in the right hands.

    Experience and Expertise at Your Hands

    The Arc Metal Design team has years of experience in the fabrication and architectural metal industry, meaning there’s a wealth of experience and skill at your disposal.

    We can provide you with a suitable design based upon initial consultations and site measurements, always ensuring that our designs are compliant to industry regulations.

    Our complete service handles the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of your balustrade system under one roof – meaning less stress, fewer delays, more communication and greater customer satisfaction!

    Take Your Pick…

    Browse our wide range of infill materials and designs, from perforated metal panels to wire and glass balustrade infill panels. All of which can be manufactured in a variety of styles, thicknesses, and finishes to meet your requirements.

    Explore our diverse range of bespoke balustrade infill options below. Once you've found your inspiration, please use the contact form to get in touch with us and one of our dedicated team members will promptly contact you to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.

    Stainless Steel Wire Infill Panels

    Our tensioned steel wire presents a minimalist appearance, with vertical or horizontal durable steel wires.

    Wire infill is suitable for windy and coastal areas, where it can withstand harsh conditions and forces. It’s also a low maintenance solution for these outdoor spaces.

    Steel Mesh Infill Panels

    Our steel mesh panels consist of perforated steel, available as stainless or mild steel; this design is suitable for striking the balance between privacy and visibility in public spaces.

    Our mild steel is available as galvanised or powder coated in all RAL colours to meet design preferences, with both materials offering corrosion resistance for indoor and outdoor applications.

    Woven Wire Mesh Balustrade Infill Panels

    This high strength-to-weight ratio design is made up of rigid woven wire, and is suited to commercial and industrial environments as an attractive and high visibility infill design. This unique design is also anti-vandalism, for peace of mind in public places.

    Vertical Bars

    Our vertical bars can be made from stainless steel or mild steel, and finished to your preference, including powder coating in all RAL colours.

    Vertical bars discourage the climbing of balustrades and is a cost-effective option for both residential and public spaces. Arc Metal Design ensures our vertical bars are set at appropriate widths for compliance with regulations, so that young children cannot slip through.

    Glass Infill Panels

    Arc Metal Design’s glass panels are available as transparent, frosted or tinted. This laminated or toughened glass is designed to withstand use as a contemporary and attractive design in indoor and outdoor applications; suitable for the residential and public sector.

    For more on our glass panel options, see Glass Balustrades.


    Mid-rails are often chosen where anticipated balustrade users include young children. The mid-rail acts as a handrail to help guide those who cannot reach, and can even help those who have fallen over to pull themselves up.

    This is suitable for public and commercial spaces, and can be provided in steel and stainless steel, finished to specification.

    Your Safety is Our Priority

    Balustrade infills are designed to keep users safe. As a provider of complete balustrade systems, we follow the latest industry regulations closely to ensure balustrade infills perform as expected.

    This includes infills being suitable for loads; ensuring gaps in the infill cannot be passed through by young children; and that the infill discourages young children from climbing it.

    For a Balustrade Infill Which Meets Your Needs…

    Talk to a member of the Arc Metal Design team today, and see how we can transform your space with bespoke edge protection. Click here to be directed to our contact form