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Marry your balustrade, balcony, or staircase with a beautifully designed bespoke handrail.

Outdoor Bespoke Handrail Design to Installation

Arc Metal specialises in Bespoke Handrail Design, crafting custom solutions for every architectural need. From elegant balustrades to practical wall-mounted rails, our designs range from sleek flat to unique convex shapes, suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Wall Mounted Handrails

Our wall-mounted handrails merge safety with style, tailored to fit any architectural design seamlessly.

Ground Fixed Handrails

Durable and reliable, our ground-fixed handrails are ideal for enhancing outdoor spaces with both function and form.

Flat Top Handrails

Designed for the modern aesthetic, our flat top handrails offer minimalist elegance, perfectly aligning with contemporary spaces.

Curved Handrail Systems

Our bespoke curved handrails provide a dynamic element to staircases and balconies, crafted to follow the natural flow of your space.

Convex Handrails

Unique in design, our convex handrails combine ergonomic comfort with visual appeal, making a statement in any setting.

    Elevate Your Space with Our Bespoke Handrails & Staircases

    Arc Metal’s handrails can be fabricated in accordance with your preferences, with several finishes available. Depending on the type of handrail selected, finishes include galvanised powder coated for industrial or external use, standard mirror polished metal finish, and plastic coated, typically used for commercial applications.

    Our team can guide you through the design process, to ensure you receive a product which meets both design and performance requirements.

    We offer a full turnkey service, meaning you don’t have to worry about a thing! Our team will take care of all stages - including design, fabrication and installation of your handrail. Whether you’re looking for a handrail, or the complete set including a staircase, balustrade and/ or balcony, Arc Metal takes on projects of all sizes across the UK.

    We value the transparency of our services, upheld by constant communication with our customers, and always aim for total customer satisfaction in all that we do.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Bespoke Handrails

    Arc Metal always adheres to the latest industry regulations whilst fabricating and installing handrails. There are regulations surrounding handrails which must be adhered to in order to help keep people safe.

    Regulations advise handrails should be fitted between 900 mm-1000 mm from the floor or the pitch line of the stairs. A staircase must have a handrail wherever there's a drop of more than 600mm (typically, this is two steps on traditional staircases); staircases more than 1 metre in width require a handrail on either side.

    For wall-mounted handrails, the handrail must be installed 75mm from the wall so that users can grip it fully.