Bespoke Wall Mounted Handrail Systems
made simple

Bespoke wall mounted handrail systems for a practical and stylish accessibility solution in your property or building.

Suitable for stairs, walkways, ramps and corridors, Arc Metal Design’s wall-mounted handrails are fabricated bespoke to your requirements and environment.

We work with residential and commercial sectors to provide precision architectural fabrication.

Arc Metal Design provides the design, fabrication, and installation of handrails, complete with wall brackets.

Working to the latest industry standards and guidelines, our service simplifies your architectural structure supply, with the peace of mind that you’re receiving a high-quality and durable product.

    Your Custom Wall-Mounted Handrail System

    Arc Metal Design provides a custom fabrication service, from design to delivery. We collaborate with you to ensure your handrails meet design and dimensional requirements, with the capabilities to produce a range of handrail styles, materials, and finishes.

    Our handrails include tubular, flat top, and convex handrails.

    A Range of Material Options

    Our material variety includes steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and brass. We utilise galvanised steel for external walls, protecting your handrail against the elements with improved corrosion resistance.

    Our metal handrails are complete with a range of finishes to enhance appearance and performance in its application; we offer powder coating, polishing, and more to achieve this.

    Arc Metal Design is further able to cater for wood preferences, supplying oak handrails sourced from reputable suppliers.

    Our Available Styles

    The customisation levels of our service means that a wide range of handrail styles are available; whether our team is working from architectural drawings, or bringing your vision to fruition with our in-house design team, we’re able to cater to all requirements. Additionally, our handrails can be designed to match existing systems and balustrading.

    Across styles, Arc Metal Design prioritises safety and durability of handrails. As a part of this, we adhere closely to regulations, ensuring handrails are installed at the right height and distance from the wall. We further account for foot traffic levels when designing and fabricating handrails for durability – keeping users safe.

    Alongside safety regulations, our team fabricates with usability and comfort in mind. Our handrails are fabricated using state-of-the-art machinery and modern fabrication methods, ensuring a high-quality, defect-free finish.

    Working with Arc Metal Design

    For a personal touch, work with Arc Metal Design on your latest bespoke architectural metalwork project.

    With many years of experience, our team operates in a professional, informative, and advisory manner – supporting you throughout the fabrication of your product with a simplified service. Our service aims to deliver your projects to specification in a stress-free and streamlined way from design to delivery and installation.

    Enquire about our wall-mounted handrails today, by getting in touch with the team at Arc Metal Design.