Stainless Steel Balustrade Installers
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With an unwavering dedication to excellence, Arc Metal Design is honored to provide premier stainless steel balustrade installation services. Our esteemed team of craftsmen excels in crafting custom designs that seamlessly align with any architectural concept

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Our stainless steel balustrades are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. This reflective, corrosion resistant material maintains its highly aesthetic appearance throughout its lifespan, offering a contemporary feel to any location

Stainless steel comes with a bright, polished finish, which pairs well with a range of our glass infills – whether you’re looking for transparent, tinted, or frosted glass panels.

Arc Metal Design can undertake the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke stainless steel balustrades, working with you from the start to meet all your needs. As stainless steel balustrade installers, building this relationship with our customers is a priority. It means our customers can trust us to provide a complete installation in their home or property; further, that their property is in safe hands as we work quickly and cleanly during this stage, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day activities.

Your bespoke balustrade system is additionally manufactured by us – meaning we know your product, and it has been made with a seamless installation into your environment in mind.

Achieve the look you desire with our stainless steel balustrades – and rest assured that your home and product is in trusted and experienced hands.

    Maintaining Your Stainless Steel Balustrade

    Stainless steel is sometimes perceived as a high maintenance material compared to our mild steel balustrades. And whilst stainless does require cleaning and polishing to ensure it retains its reflective, streak-free appearance, the integrity of the material means it is a hard-wearing and durable option for all types of applications.

    To ensure your stainless steel balustrade maintains its longevity, Arc Metal can offer passivation for increased corrosion resistance against rust and environmental degradation which can be catalysed in outdoor environments.

    Passivation is a chemical process that removes any iron or iron compounds from the stainless steel; iron is the material within stainless steel that is susceptible to corrosion, so removing this ensures your balustrade is better protected.

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    Arc Metal Design: A Trusted Service

    Arc Metal Design has four decades of combined experience in the fabrication and architectural metal industry; we’re experts in our craft and can offer our customers a simplified and straightforward service.

    We can support you throughout the process of bringing your stainless steel balustrade to life, offering guidance and advice whenever you should need it.

    Installers you can trust for your stainless steel balustrade – we’re right here. Get in touch with Arc Metal Design today on 0121 4618169 or