Frameless Glass Balustrades
made simple

Frameless Glass Balustrades offer a sleek and modern solution for safety and style. With their transparent design, they provide uninterrupted views while adding a touch of elegance to any space.

Bespoke Frameless Glass Balustrades Tailored To Fit Your Space

Frameless glass balustrades are composed of toughened and laminated glass panels with no visible fixings. Hiding in plain sight, this minimalist structure offers totally unobstructed views of your internal and external spaces, maximising on the space and natural light available.

The frameless glass balustrade does not compromise on either architectural design or durability and strength, making it a great solution for residential homes and commercial spaces seeking a contemporary look for their safety barriers.

Arc Metal Design provides a tailored service when designing, manufacturing, and installing your frameless glass balustrade. Our experienced team can help with everything from advising on the correct glass thickness to ongoing maintenance.

    Add Elegance to Your Space With  Bespoke Frameless Balustrades

    The frameless glass balustrade adds a little elegance to any application. Whether used indoors for mezzanine floors, landings, or office spaces, or for outdoor applications such as gardens and flat roofs, the frameless glass balustrade looks at home.

    Why Choose Arc Metal Design’s Frameless Glass Balustrades?

    Arc Metal has over 40 years of combined experience working with architectural metal. Our expertise means we can offer an exceptional level of service to deliver your bespoke balustrade.

    A safety-first approach and sturdy construction. As with all our balustrades and balconies, Arc Metal prioritises safety and durability under impact. We use toughened and laminated structural glass for our frameless glass balconies and always to the specified thickness for the application.

    Customisation for personalised spaces. Our frameless glass balconies are customisable. We offer standard and curved glass, plus different stainless steel handrail and mounting options to be able to bring your vision to life. For something a little different – take a look at our tinted and privacy glass panels.

    Hassle-free installation and expertise. If your project requires installation, the Arc Metal Design fitting team can provide it, working quickly and efficiently to safely install your balustrade.

    Durable British craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on the completion of work to high standards and industry regulation. Our bespoke balustrades are designed for durability in their application, which means weather and corrosion resistant structures for outdoor applications.


    Crafting Your Frameless Glass Balustrade

    Creating your frameless glass balustrade is simple with Arc Metal Design. The transparency of our service keeps you in the know throughout for a stress-free process.

    Work closely with us on the design of your balustrade, and stay up-to-date as we manufacture it in-house. We can then provide delivery for supply-only products, or deliver and install for an end-to-end service.

    Unlock the Power of Elegance Today

    Ready to embrace unobstructed elegance and redefine the way you experience your space? Take the first step towards creating your bespoke frameless glass balustrade with Arc Metal Design. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation and unlock the beauty and safety you deserve.