Wire Balustrades
made simple

Arc Metal’s stainless steel wire balustrades provide edge safety in outdoor environments.

Our wire balustrades excel in outdoor environments, offering uninterrupted views similarly to the glass balustrade. However, the wire balustrade is a low maintenance and cost-effective option which is particularly ideal for areas affected by high winds, such as coastal areas.

Arc Metal’s wire balustrades feature stainless steel vertical posts and handrails, completing the look with a modern and bright finish for optimum performance and useability.

Secure any open heights easily with durable and high-quality wire balustrades, made to the exact specifications of your project with site survey and design completed by our in-house team.

Whilst designing and fabricating your balustrade, Arc Metal adheres to all current industry regulations, and our wire balustrades are no exception. Our wire balustrades are made to protect any users - especially children - from falling or passing through the gaps in the wires. This ensures ultimate peace of mind for our clients that their product is fit for application.

Arc Metal’s diligence when working with clients is our priority - we pride ourselves on an open and honest service which is totally transparent. We find this helps us to deliver great customer satisfaction, from small projects to large & with our wire balustrade service operating across the UK, your balustrade is in great hands.


    Wire Balustrade Designs

    Our wire balustrades are made from stainless steel wire and stainless steel fixings, posts, and handrails. We use high quality materials to ensure our products look and perform at a high standard in all types of environments.

    Take a look at the versatility of our wire balustrades in all types of settings…

    Wire Balustrades for residential spaces

    Wire balustrades are perfect for edge safety at heights in residential spaces. Framing the edges of balconies and decking areas, wire balustrades are a cost-effective option which excel in windier, coastal environments.

    The wire balustrade allows for uninterrupted views of your garden or surrounding areas, seamlessly blending into existing architecture whilst still providing vital edge protection.


    Wire Balustrades for commercial spaces

    For commercial environments, especially ones with public access such as boardwalks, the wire balustrade delivers reliable and durable performance you can trust.

    The wire balustrade maintains its high-quality aesthetic over time with minimal maintenance. Arc Metal further provides an ongoing maintenance service to keep your product looking as fresh as possible!