Walkout Balconies
made simple

Step outside and feel the benefits of the open air.

Bespoke Walkout Balconies

The walkout balcony is designed to allow you to step outside your home or property and into the outdoors.

Unlike the Juliet balcony, the walkout balcony extends out from your property, allowing you to access the outdoors immediately to enjoy the sunshine or a breath of fresh air. Maximise the space of your property and enjoy the benefits of immediate access to outside space with a custom walkout balcony.

Arc Metal’s walkout balconies are designed bespoke to your needs, from the material types and finishing options to made-to-measure dimensions, working around the specifications of your property. We can do this for all types of residential properties and commercial industry sectors.

The experienced Arc Metal team can help you design your balcony, choosing from a wide selection of materials and finishes; including stainless steel, galvanised powder coated steel, handrails, vertical posts and fixings. Glass, including clear, frosted and tinted glass, and stainless steel wire infill is also available.

Add desirable value to your property with Arc Metal’s walkout balconies, always executed to high quality and standards. We utilise local supply chains for the highest quality materials, and always enact a thorough service, from initial site survey incorporating design to final installation.

If you’re looking to enhance the value of your property with a beautiful and durable walkout balcony, talk to a member of the Arc Metal team today.

    Walkout Balcony Designs

    Get inspired by having a look at our range of walkout balcony designs, including the cantilever, stacked, and curved balcony.

    If you cannot find a design which suits your requirements, Arc Metal specialise in bespoke structures, so are happy to design around your specifications.

    Balcony platform

    The balcony platform enables you to walk out from your property and onto the balcony itself, which is supported by posts beneath the platform. This is the most common type of walkout balcony for residential homes, offering the most cost-effective and aesthetic solution.

    Cantilever balconies

    The cantilever balcony does not have any visible supports as it protrudes from the face of a building, providing a floating aesthetic, clean and contemporary look for your building. The cantilever is suitable for residential properties, and commercial buildings alike.


    Stacked balconies

    The stacked balcony is widely used across apartment blocks, applied across residential buildings that require multiple balconies on a face of the building. The balconies are vertically stacked on top of each other by way of pillars. This can provide a cost-effective design which maximises space.

    Curved balconies

    Curved balconies are truly unique and eye-catching, providing a focal point for residential homes or commercial buildings. The curved balcony can be cantilever or supported from beneath, depending on the requirements of the project.

    Walkout Balcony Projects

    View our full range, of completed walkout balcony projects