Bespoke Spiral Staircases
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Our custom spiral staircases are expertly crafted and finished, combining elegance with functionality to enhance your space.

Bespoke Spiral Staircase Design and Installation


Arc Metal Design crafts bespoke spiral staircases for all applications and environments.

When working with Arc Metal Design, we provide a service that is curated by your needs; from our wide range of materials and finishes to made-to-measure dimensions, our expert service ensures your spiral staircase is a perfect fit for your space.

Whether you’re looking to fill a residential home or a commercial property, spiral staircases can be a stunning centrepiece – drawing the eye with their unique style. However, spiral staircases can also be an efficient solution to a space-saving staircase for properties where space is at a premium.

No matter your architectural goals, Arc Metal Design works closely with our customers to achieve your vision with our friendly and professional service.


    Customisable Designs Keep You in Control

    The design of your spiral staircase is in your control.

    Our clients are able to incorporate their vision with customisable elements on spiral staircases, including your staircase treads, handrails and balustrade infill.

    Arc Metal Design then brings your design to life with our CAD capabilities, closely following exacting measurements undertaken during initial site surveys incorporating the latest industry regulations. Your product is manufactured by our in-house team, ensuring quality and precision at every step.

    Tread Options and Finishes

    Treads should be designed with safety and durability in mind, whilst meeting the unique design requirements of a project.

    For workplaces, public spaces, and outdoor environments, we offer multiple non-slip designs manufactured from non-slip materials. Treads can moreover be designed to prevent water pooling in outdoor applications, which could cause a slip hazard.

    Tread material includes galvanised powder coated steel, open grid treads, with grip finishing. All available in a wide range of colours and styles to suit your requirements


    Handrail Designs

    In order to meet industry regulation, handrails are imperative to the design of spiral staircases.

    Our handrails can be manufactured as a flat, round, curved or convex shape, offering comfort and practicality for users.

    Materials available include stainless steel, steel, aluminium, brass, and wood finishes – ensuring we can match the right material to your project. This is furthered by our material finishes, such as a standard mirror finish, plastic coated, and galvanised powder coated, that complement and enhance the properties of the material.


    Balustrade Infill Options

    Infill options for our spiral staircases include metal balusters, or posts, wire cables, and glass panels. Infill refers to the material connecting the treads to the handrail, and is an essential form of edge protection.

    Our infill options are designed to provide safety and stability for all users across all environments.


    Types of Spiral Staircases

    Some of our most commonly asked for spiral staircase designs include black spiral staircases, metal spiral staircases and glass spiral staircases.

    Black Spiral Staircases

    Our black spiral staircases are a perfect low maintenance option.

    Featuring galvanised steel, painted or powder coated to achieve the black finish, the black spiral staircase adds a dramatic touch to indoor environments, and is a durable option for faring outdoor environments.


    Glass Spiral Staircases

    Taking the eye-catching design of spiral staircases to a new level, glass spiral staircases are also available by Arc Metal Design.

    This staircase features glass treads, secured by metal framing. Utilising toughened and laminated glass to ensure safety, the specifications for glass treads are carefully calculated to withstand impact and weight bearing.


    Metal Spiral Staircases

    Metal spiral staircases are durable, reliable and lightweight for indoor and outdoor environments.

    Available in mild steel and stainless steel, we also offer a full range of compatible finishes. Our metal spiral staircases offer ease of installation and complete durability for high volumes of users across all environments.


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