Tinted Glass Balustrades
made simple


Tinted Glass Balustrades offer a truly distinctive aesthetic, allowing for seamless visibility both from the inside and outside. With a design that perfectly balances transparency and privacy, these balustrades provide uninterrupted views while maintaining an air of elegance.

Add a touch of colour to your glass balustrade.

Arc Metal’s tinted glass balustrade retains the contemporary and clean aesthetic of glass, whilst increasing the ambience of your space.

Suitable for commercial and domestic environments alike, our tinted glass balustrades are designed, manufactured and installed by the Arc Metal team. Our team makes securing your perfect balustrade simple, with a tailored service to ensure your requirements will be met from start to finish.

Like our glass balustrades, our tinted glass panels are always fabricated to industry standards and to the regulations of the individual application, for complete peace of mind as to edge protection, even under impact. Toughened and laminated glass is available, with Arc Metal on hand to advise on the most suitable glass type for your application.

Complete your tinted glass balustrade with a range of stainless steel fixings, or leave your balustrade frameless for a minimalist appearance.

    A Wide Variety of Tinted Glass Options

    Grey, Bronze and Antique Mirror… Which aesthetic is right for you?

    For a muted tone, our grey tint darkens the glass panel for reduced light transmission and increased privacy.

    Our bronze tinted glass offers a warmer tone for a brighter, luxurious feel whilst offering increased solar protection.

    If you’re looking for a more layered, decorative finish, the antique mirror tint provides a distressed feel which complements contemporary designs.

    All tinted glass panel types work well with Arc Metal’s range of steel, stainless steel and aluminium handrails, for applications where a handrail is chosen. Our bespoke, advisory service when designing and manufacturing balustrades ensures all elements, including tint, fixings, and handrails, meet design and technical requirements.

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    Grey Tinted Glass Balustrades

    Discover the timeless elegance of Grey Tinted Glass Balustrades. Delve into a world where style and functionality harmonize effortlessly. With its subdued hue, the grey tint creates an atmosphere of tranquility, reducing light transmission and granting you the privacy you desire. Our expertise in crafting steel handrails ensures a seamless integration with any tinted glass panel. Trust in our bespoke advisory service to bring your vision to life, where every element, from fixings to handrails, is meticulously tailored to meet your design and technical requirements.


    Bronze Tinted Glass Balustrades

    Uncover the undeniable allure of Bronze Tinted Glass Balustrades, where grace and practicality coalesce effortlessly. The warm undertones of the bronze tint create an ambiance of sophistication, while effectively reducing light transmission to provide the desired level of privacy. Our mastery in crafting exquisite steel handrails ensures a seamless fusion with the bronze-tinted glass panels. Rely on our personalised advisory service to transform your vision into reality, where every element, from fixings to handrails, is meticulously tailored to meet your unique design and technical specifications. Embrace the timeless elegance of Bronze Tinted Glass Balustrades and elevate your space to new heights of refinement.

    Why Choose Tinted Glass?

    Our tinted glass is preferred over transparent glass panels for many reasons.

    Whether meeting a certain aesthetic or adding to the ambience of an environment, tinted glass can add a splash of colour whilst still retaining transparency. A darker tint can also increase privacy without blocking views fully.

    Tinted glass can further reduce the transmission of light and solar rays, depending on the tints used.

    When to Use Tinted Glass?

    Tinted glass is suitable for many applications, including both indoor and outdoor applications across commercial and private buildings. Whether retrofitting, replacing, or installing brand new, tinted glass can be used in outdoor applications such as balconies and decking balustrades. Tinted glass may also be used in indoor applications such as internal rooms within office buildings, or for mezzanine balustrades.