Glass Balconies
made simple

Make the most of your scenery with undisturbed views created by Arc Metal’s glass balcony systems.

Our bespoke glass balcony systems feature glass balustrading for perfect views out from your home and property, so that you can enjoy your surroundings without any obstructions.

Glass balconies offer a contemporary finish suitable for both residential homes and commercial properties. The minimal look of a glass balcony is compatible with a range of architectural materials and designs, making it a great choice for many properties. Our glass balustrading is complemented by powder coated or stainless steel handrails, vertical posts, and fixings, or alternatively, you may prefer a totally frameless glass balcony for a truly minimal and stylish look.

We offer toughened and laminated glass in varying thicknesses for balustrading surrounding your balcony, so that you can rest assured your balcony can withstand any impact or stresses it may be placed under. Arc Metal only uses high quality materials, sourced from local supply chains, for high standard finishes and durability. All of our products are made to the latest building regulations and industry standards.

We undertake all sized projects, large and small, and can work around the specifications of your space, creating balconies for all applications. Starting with a site survey and design consultation, the team at Arc Metal provides a truly transparent service to ensure we achieve total customer satisfaction.

    Glass Balcony Designs

    Arc Metal’s bespoke approach to the creation of our balconies ensures you can design your glass balcony to your unique tastes.

    The below examples are some of the most popular designs and materials used for our glass balconies. Arc Metal’s glass balconies are available as Juliet or walkout structures.


    The frameless glass balcony features large glass panels and is free of handrails and vertical posts for perfectly clear views. The frameless glass balcony is a unique feature and the pinnacle of contemporary glass balconies, offering a modern and clean look which complements all architecture.

    Stainless Steel

    Alternatively, secure your glass balcony with stainless steel handrails and fixings. The polished stainless steel design look offers durability in all weather conditions, as well as increased usability with handrails to guide users.

    Our glass panels are available in:

    Clear glass

    Clear, or transparent, glass is available as standard. Arc Metal offers these low maintenance panels in varying thicknesses dependent on project requirements, for the safety of users and durability of the balcony.

    Frosted glass (Privacy glass)

    Our frosted glass, otherwise known as privacy panels, are frosted as standard and offer greater privacy for your balcony, which is particularly suitable for blocking views from neighbouring properties or public areas.


    Tinted glass

    Tinted glass can be used for those seeking privacy and wanting to give their balcony a little something to make it stand out. Our tinted glass is available in grey, bronze and antiqued mirror.