Elevate Your Space With Arc Metal Design: Your Premier Destination for Bespoke Balustrades in the UK

Bespoke Balustrade Design, Manufacturing and Installation

Looking for something totally unique? Arc Metal specialises in bringing your architectural visions and ideas to life with our bespoke balustrade design service.

Our bespoke balustrade service truly emphasises the flexibility of Arc Metal in fulfilling project requirements. From matching existing architecture, and designing around and installing in awkward spaces, to simply creating a one-off, eye-catching design, Arc Metal’s bespoke service is in place to cater to all needs.

We can bring all ideas to life and enjoy collaborating with our clients across the residential and commercial industry sectors to create unique pieces. We have a full in-house design and manufacturing service to be able to achieve this; this service is complete with CAD (computer-aided design) and CNC (computer numerically controlled) technology for accurate and efficient design calculations and manufacturing.
We cut no corners when designing and fabricating bespoke structures, with the Arc team providing site surveys and complete design services as part of our comprehensive package to ensure your products fit right the first time.

Our bespoke balustrades are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, used for framing staircases, mezzanine floors, balconies, decking, walkways and more. We offer this service throughout the UK, with 40 years of experience in the metal industry creating balustrades and more.

    Mix and Match, Pick and Choose

    Our bespoke balustrades mean the design and look of your balustrade is completely up to you! Of course, our expert team will work closely with you to ensure the performance of your design is viable and adheres to industry regulations.

    Alongside our selection of materials below, we offer a variety of suitable finishes to complete your look.

    Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel is available for vertical posts, handrails, and fixings - providing a modern and bright look for your balustrade. Arc Metal offers polishing and passivation for stainless steel, ensuring your balustrade has increased corrosion resistance and the look you want.


    Mild Steel

    Alongside stainless, we offer mild steel vertical posts, handrails, and fixings. Our mild steel offers great strength and durability and can be galvanised or powder-coated in all RAL colours. We provide a 20-year erosion-free guarantee for galvanised and powder-coated mild steel balustrades - perfect for commercial spaces.

    Choose From a Variety of Bespoke Balustrade Infills

    Glass Infill

    Pair your stainless steel or mild steel balustrade with glass infill. Clear, frosted and tinted glass is available for clear views or additional privacy. Arc Metal provides both toughened and laminated glass which is always fabricated to industry regulations; our design team will advise on the right glass material in consideration of your application.

    Wire Infill

    Our stainless steel wire infill is a cost-effective and durable infill option, which excels in outdoor environments - particularly in windy and coastal areas. Our wire infill has been used for residential gardens and balconies and all types of commercial environments.

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