Sandstone Walkout Balcony
case study

Replacing an existing wooden balcony became complex due to the exterior of the building being constructed from sandstone blocks.

Problem Statement

Client had an existing wooden balcony that had fallen into a state of disrepair and had become unsafe and unusable. The client didn’t like two wooden vertical pillars that blocked the view looking out.

The project was complicated due to the exterior of the property being constructed from sandstone blocks. Sandstone blocks are an insufficient material to fix a balcony to due to its soft and brittle properties.

What we did

Arc Metal Design firstly undertook a site survey to understand the site and to test the sandstone bocks. This type of Sandstone was identified as not being sufficient to fix a balcony to. The site survey also identified that foundations would be needed to support a walkout balcony due to not being able to fix directly back to the sandstone blocks.

Arc Metal Design designed a walkout balcony that slotted into cut outs of the sandstone with the weight and fixing of the balcony transferred to the structural posts. To support the structure Arc Metal removed the existing slabs, and dug the required foundations to support the balcony structure.

The balcony provided consisted of 2 x structural posts, the balcony base with a black composite deck. The balcony was finished with a stainless steel and glass balustrade.



    Arc Metal Design fully decommissioned the existing balcony, replacing it with a walkout balcony that was fully compliant with all building regulations and required standards.

    The client was very happy with the finished product as it was now a safe space they can enjoy outside and enjoy the view completely unrestricted.

    At Arc Metal Design if a problem can be overcome, we'll overcome it!