Bespoke Curved Handrails made simple

Crafted to follow winding paths and spiral staircases or simply to suit your architectural preferences, Arc Metal Design’s bespoke curved handrails offer a timeless look and feel.

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Arc Metal Design designs, fabricates, and instals curved handrails for residential and commercial applications, in fulfilment of the requirements of your project.

Our bespoke curved handrails are fabricated from material of your choice, featuring a tubular design that is comfortable for all users; this service is guided by our team throughout, ensuring the best outcome for your product and complete customer satisfaction in the end result.

Customise Every Curve

The process of curating your curved handrail is flexible. This means we’re able to work around awkward structural and spatial dimensions, as well as being able to meet unique design expectations.

Our high levels of customisation surrounding the design and fabrication of handrails includes materials and finishes, as well as working with the demands of indoor and outdoor environments.

Select From a Variety of Materials

Arc Metal Design works with a number of metals, including steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Our metal handrails are complete with a range of finishing options, including galvanising, polishing and powder coating, so that durability, corrosion resistance, and appearance are delivered at a high quality.

We’re also able to facilitate wooden handrails, sourced from reputable suppliers for quality assurance. Our wooden handrails include oak and walnut, meeting a range of aesthetic requirements.

Safety and Longevity

It’s essential that handrails are designed and fabricated with safety and longevity in mind, for the reliability of these structures in aiding users to safely navigate the space.

Meeting industry regulations and building codes is key to this; Arc Metal Design designs, fabricates, and instals handrails in line with the latest standards, as well as fabricating using established and high quality methods for optimal output.


Explore Our Design Styles

With almost unlimited design possibilities, our team is here to guide you through to ensure you’re able to make the right choices.

Handrail Design Variations

Our handrails can be fabricated to suit all styles; from simple and conventional structures to modern and eye-catching designs, we can achieve your vision in consideration of your budget.

Ergonomics and User Experience

Throughout this, we consider ergonomics and user experience. Functionality and usability are at the centre of our fabrications, ensuring comfort for the user. Our high-quality fabrication processes ensure products are defect and burr-free.


Why Arc Metal Design Stands Out

Our ability to provide a full turnkey solution for the supply of bespoke curved handrails is what makes Arc Metal Design truly stand out.

This comprehensive offering is designed to alleviate the stresses associated with the whole process of attaining your handrails. We can even supply additional structural or architectural features, including staircases, balustrades, and balconies.

For complete project management of your handrail supply and installation, Arc Metal Design delivers a well-established and highly professional service.

Is a curved handrail the right solution for your space? Talk to a member of our team today to discover the options for your project.