Bespoke Tubular Handrails

Our tubular handrail systems are one of our most popular handrail choices, offering user comfort and practicality in all types of applications.

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Arc Metal Design provides design, fabrication and installation of bespoke handrails, as part of a complete staircase or balustrade system, or as an isolated service.

Our tubular handrail systems consist of a conventional round design, promoting safety for all users in residential, commercial and public spaces, for both indoor and outdoor applications.

As an experienced fabricator, Arc Metal Design is dedicated to the creation of bespoke architectural work and can work with you to produce tubular handrail systems to unique specifications.

Design Your Tubular Handrail System

Our approach to bespoke work ensures the design of your handrails is in your control.

Whether that’s working in awkward or challenging spaces, or if you have specific commercial requirements to achieve structural loadings. We aim to bring to life your unique vision for handrails, our consultation and customisation process ensures your needs are understood and adhered to.

This is provided through a comprehensive design service, beginning with an initial consultation to gauge requirements, before the creation of designs utilising CAD technology. Designs will then be approved before fabrication. Where there are specific loading requirements within commercial buildings we can work with your existing structural engineer in the design of the handrails or can provide the service to yourselves as part of our offering.

We offer a range of materials, finishes and styles to meet safety requirements, longevity of your system, and comfort for users.

Materials and Finishes

Arc Metal Design handles a large range of metals to achieve the style and performance required by your project. Our materials include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Brass

For enhanced aesthetics, our stainless steel handrails offer a bright appearance, which can be enhanced through various finishes including a mirror finish. Stainless steel offers good durability, with resistance to corrosion in outdoor environments.

Arc Metal Design additionally works with galvanised steel, which can be finished with powder coating to achieve your desired aesthetic. Our galvanised steel offers corrosion resistance in outdoor environments and has low maintenance requirements.

Where preferred, Arc Metal Design also handles aluminium. Aluminium is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is available with a range of finishes, including powder coating, to meet design specifications.

For an elegant and timeless look, our handrails are available in brass. Finishing brass touches can help you elevate the look of your handrail for a truly unique touch.

Ensuring Safety and Longevity

Handrails are an essential element when meeting safety standards for raised platforms, including staircases, balconies, and mezzanines in residential and commercial spaces. Arc Metal Design works to the latest safety standards and building codes to achieve a safe and practical design.

The longevity of structures is crucial to keeping users safe over time. Arc Metal Design creates high-quality fabrications with the most suitable processes for your application, ensuring lasting performance.


Ergonomics and User Comfort

We consider tactile performance when designing and fabricating handrails. Our tubular handrail systems are made for user comfort; quality finishes and smooth surfaces ensure a safe and secure grip can be achieved.

Choosing Arc Metal Design

When working with Arc Metal Design, we provide a comprehensive and streamlined service that simplifies metalwork.

Our service is centred around providing a high-quality product to our customers, designed and fabricated to meet your unique needs.

We offer frequent communication to keep you informed on the progress of your product during this process.
Finally, we offer the installation of handrails if required, bringing your project to completion.

For more information on our tubular handrail systems, get in touch with Arc Metal Design today.