Flat Roof Case Study
case study

Delivering a fully workable balustrade system to a flat roof, without compromising the roof integrity and preventing it from leaking.

Problem Statement

When client purchased the property it had an already installed glass and stainless steel balustrade system that was fixed directly onto the flat roof of the property. Fixing directly to the flat roof unfortunately caused water to leak through into the ground floor of the property when it rained. The geographical location increased the problem due to the property being in a area that is exposed, rural and of a high wind area.

Due to the flooding the client removed the balustrade and repaired the roof to prevent further flooding. The client tried over the course of 7 years to find a resolution with many balcony and balustrade companies to have a new balustrade fitted to the outside space.

What we did

At Arc Metal Design we know that with over 40 years of fabrication experience we have the skills to overcome most problems. Firstly we undertook a site survey to understand the problem, any site specific challenges and identify any potential issues to finding a workable solution.

Post site survey, we held a problem solving session looking to identify ways at which fixing onto the flat roof could be overcome. The outcome of which was to design a floating raft system which is fitted onto the flat roof and fixed back to the main house. Working in conjunction with structural engineers and our in house design team, a fully designed and structurally sound raft was approved for use that conforms to all building regulations and legislation.

Arc Metals next step was to prove the concept with a test model to ensure it worked as expected and did the job that was required. After successfully proving the concept, a production model was fabricated and installed on the client site.



    Arc Metal Design delivered a fully workable flat roof balustrade system that was fixed to the top of the roof without compromising the integrity of the roof preventing it from leaking.

    The client was very happy with the completed walkout balcony as they had spent years trying to find companies or a solution that would be workable. The finished balustrade looked no different to a standard balustrade system on completion of the job.

    At Arc Metal Design if a problem can be overcome, we'll overcome it!