Customisable Walkout Balcony
case study

Walkout Balcony - Customised to how you want it.

Problem Statement

Client had an existing walkout balcony that was constructed from wood. The wood on the balcony was rotten and the balcony was unsafe.

The client wanted the balcony to be decommissioned with a replacement balcony constructed from steel, and decking to the floor.

What we did

Arc Metal Design undertook a site survey to assess the state of the current balcony for decommissioning and to identify any site specific challenges to be considered during the construction of the balcony.

The client had complete design autonomy of the balcony from the style of steel balustrades, the nests that formed part of the balustrade and multiple colour options to finish and decking options for flooring

Arc Metal Design took the client requirements and fabricated walkout balcony to the exact requirements. Due to the size of the structure Arc Metal Design had put footings in place to support the structure



    The client had a truly unique, one off balcony that they designed and Arc Metal Brought that vision to life. The client was incredibly happy with the finished balcony, which exceeded their expectations. They can now truly enjoy the outdoor space.

    The balcony meets all UK building regulations and comes with Arc Metal Design 5 year guarantee!

    If a problem can be overcome, Arc Metal Design will overcome it!