Balustrade with Wire
case study

A low maintenance, panel free balustrade, leaving the beautiful landscape views completely uninterrupted.

Problem Statement

Client had a new raised decking area refurbished, requiring a balustrade system that was low maintenance and suitable for use in a high wind area due to the exposed nature of the property. The client was specifically looking for a solution that didn’t involve panels as the balustrade due to these acting like sails during periods of high winds.

What we did

Arc Metal Design undertook a site survey to assess the clients site, exposure to the wind and identify suitable options to provide a working, safe, balustrade system. After consultation with the client a balustrade with wire solution was selected due to its suitability in high winds and low maintenance.

Arc Metal Design fabricated the balustrade posts in house along with the handrails for the steps. To ensure the correct balustrade was wire was used for the area, wind calculations were provided.

Once the fabrication works had concluded Arc Metals in house team were responsible for the installation of the balustrade system at the clients premises.



    The client was extremely happy with the outcome. The clients specific requirements of a low maintenance system, and a system suitable for high wind areas was fully met. The client was impressed at how good the wire balustrade system looked in his garden, providing completely uninterrupted views of gorgeous landscape.

    Client was really impressed with the quality of workmanship and the communication throughout the project, keeping them informed and updated.

    If a problem can be overcome, Arc Metal Design will overcome it!