Cantilever Balcony
case study

Read more to see how we helped a client who had been left with no balcony and frustration...

Problem Statement

During a house renovation project, the primary contractor failed to complete the cantilever balcony, leaving the client disappointed and frustrated. The balcony was an integral part of the project, and its absence significantly diminished the overall design and functionality of the property.

What we did

  1. Site Survey:
    • We commenced by conducting a comprehensive site survey to assess the existing conditions and identify potential solutions.
    • Arc Metal Design evaluated the available space, the load-bearing capacity, and other factors to determine the best approach for constructing the balcony.
  2. Steelwork Correction:
    • Upon inspection, we discovered that the existing steelwork intended for the balcony was incorrectly installed.
    • Our skilled fabricators rectified the steelwork to ensure it met the necessary structural requirements and provided a solid foundation for the balcony.
  3. Design and Approval:
    • We collaborated closely with our client to develop a tailored design for the cantilever balcony.
    • The design incorporated their preferences, including specific dimensions, materials, and aesthetic elements, to create a balcony that complemented the overall architecture of the house.
    • Once the design was finalised, we presented it to the client for their approval.
  4. Fabrication and Installation:
    • Following client approval, we commenced fabrication of the balcony.
    • Our fabrication process involved precision cutting, welding, and shaping of high-quality steel to ensure structural integrity and durability.
    • To enhance the longevity of the balcony, we galvanised and powder-coated the steel components to provide superior protection against corrosion and wear.
    • Upon completion of fabrication, our team carefully installed the balcony on-site, ensuring a seamless integration with the existing structure.
  5. Balustrade Installation:
    • A sleek and modern glass balustrade was then incorporated into the balcony.
    • The glass panels provided unobstructed panoramic views while maintaining safety and security.
    • The balustrade was meticulously installed to blend seamlessly with the overall design of the balcony.


The successful completion of the cantilever balcony transformed the client's vision into a stunning reality. The balcony not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the property but also created a functional outdoor space for relaxation and enjoyment.

Our client expressed immense satisfaction with the outcome and praised our professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering exceptional results

This case study serves as a testament to Arc Metal Design’s expertise in resolving complex construction challenges and our dedication to exceeding client expectations.


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